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Art and Home Decor

At Celestial Creations, we carry a selection of locally hand-crafted furniture along with many hundreds of home decor items, many of which are painstakingly crafted one item at a time.  Our home decor includes a broad range of merchandise from dozens of New Mexico artisans.  If you are looking for one-of-a-kind wall hangings, we have everything from metal to wood to fiber art, along with original art and photography.  There are also crosses and retablos to hang in that special place, as well as Native American made bows and arrows.  The range of our inventory is amazing!

Perhaps you are looking for an art piece to set on your mantle, hall table, dining room table or another area where you want to showcase a one of a kind item.  We have all kinds of ceramics, metal work, wood sculpture, stained glass and Native American made items.  How about a genuine American Indian Navajo made Tomahawk?  A stained glass 3-dimensional lily pad?

And the creative talent of New Mexico artisans is not limited to western and southwestern styles, either!  There is the whimsical, the funky, the abstract, and a few items with just plain old attitude.  Sometimes we all need a little attitude in life, right?  : )