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  • Grouping of coffee cups / mugs made in USA with "Truth or Consequences" on each one along with a decal of both sides (or wrapping around the entire mug).
  • Ivy and Dragonflies mug made in USA with "Truth or Consequences" printed on it.
  • Wrap-around Hummingbirds decaled mug made in USA with "Truth or Consequences" printed on it.
  • Full wraparound hummingbirds decal mug made in America
  • Frog on Lily Pad mug made in USA with "Truth or Consequences" printed on it.
  • Two Elephants decaled mug made in USA with "Truth or Consequences" printed on it.
  • Firemen raising American flag mug, made in USA with "Truth or Consequences" printed on it.
  • Hummingbird mug, decal goes all the way around. "Truth or Consequences" on it, too! Hand-crafted in Organ, New Mexico, USA

Ceramic Mugs Made in New Mexico USA

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Product Description

These genuine "made in USA" coffee (or tea or whatever) mugs are hand-crafted in Organ, New Mexico at House of Chimes, a husband and wife owned business with just a few part-time employees.  They have been hand-pouring their ceramics into individual molds for several decades (they don't want to "date" themselves lol).  All of the regular size mugs for sale on this page have "Truth or Consequences" on them.  Some of the decals are placed on the mug twice, once on each side of the handle with the "Truth or Consequences" in between.  A few of the decals are "wrap-around" decals and cover the entire mug, with the exception of under the handle.  One of these is the Hummingbirds mug and another is the Ivy and Dragonflies.  The Elephants look that way, but they just do any excellent job of placing the decals right next to each other! Enjoy your favorite animal on your mug while sipping your favorite beverage!  Microwave and dishwasher safe. 


Here is what House of Chimes has to say about their process: 

"Here at the House of Chimes, ALL our products are 100% hand-made right here in New Mexico, USA in our very own shop!

Our products are designed to stand up to the rigors of harsh desert exposure. We make our own clay, we pour our own molds. Each piece must dry for at least 24 hours, is then cleaned by hand and fired for the first time. They are then glazed, by hand, and fired again. Any special decals are then applied and the item is fired for a third time. Only then is the item complete and is ready for final assembly and shipping.  Each firing takes 6 hours of baking time and 18 hours of cooling time, so you can see that each individual piece take about 4 days to complete." 

Even though it's "just a mug", each one comes with an info card reading: 

House of Chimes

Southwest Ceramics

Proudly Handcrafted in Organ, NM

Found at Best of New Mexico Online

Truth or Consequences, NM 87901


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