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Dreamcatcher Earrings Handcrafted in USA (New Mexico)

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Product Description

These Dream Catcher earrings were hand-crafted right here in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico by Candy H., who then adds silver feathers or some other little item to dangle down the middle.  Some have a small stone--such as hematite or mother of pearl--surrounded by two small beads attached to the dreamcatcher weaving as well.  Some believe there are healing properties in different stones and symbols.  Although Candy doesn't have enough "Native American" blood to be officially called "American Indian", these dream catcher earrings are hand-woven in true Native American fashion.

Sold in pairs, and each pair of earrings comes with the Native American Indian story of the Dreamcatcher (see photos to read it), adding an authentic touch to these individually American-crafted jewelry items.  The folklore says that bad dreams will be caught in the web while the good dreams make their way into our lives by way of the feather.  These whimsical earrings will be shipped in a gold jewelry box if being shipped to a different address or if you ask for it in the "notes" section, since they make great inexpensive gifts for those who appreciate southwestern Native American Indian folklore and jewelry styles.  The hoops on the large ones measure 1.25" across and the small ones are .75" across.  It's takes patience and skill to weave the dream catcher in these small hoops!  Scroll through the photos to see the different choices available. 

You'll find other dream catcher earrings online, but not many use an 8-point weaving on the large and 6-point on the small with a visible hole in the middle, and not many are actually made in the USA.  Support made-in-America small crafters!  The "color" (e.g. black, silver, fuschia etc.) refers to the color of the thread used to weave the dream catcher in the middle of the hoop.  Unless a gold hoop is indicated, the hoops are silver.  If the hoop is gold, so are the hooks that go through your ear.

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