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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


If you have a question, just call 575-740-3889, 575-894-7591, or email us at and then we'll add that to this growing list.  And I'm a real stickler about misspellings, but sometimes they happen.  If you see a grammatical error, I do want to know about it!  And if you have ANY problems ordering or with anything else on the website, I would SO appreciate it if you would email or call and let us know, so we can take care of it right away.  Thanks for your support.

1)  How do I see what my estimated shipping costs are? 

To estimate your shipping costs for a total purchase amount below the FREE SHIPPING threshold (currently $75) or to a geographical location where we do not offer free shipping, click on 'view shopping cart'.  On that page, you can input your zip code etc to get the estimated costs.  Do NOT go 'directly to checkout' because then your shipping cost won't show until you have put in other info.  Keep in mind that we offer FREE SHIPPING with a $75 minimum purchase to the 48 contiguous US states.  If you live elsewhere and have a problem with the shipping, PLEASE email or call us!

2)  How do I create and share a Wish List?

A)  You must first create an account.  Once you are logged in, when you click on a particular item's picture, you will be able to click on 'Add to Wish List' on the upper right hand side of your screen.

B)  Once you have created a Wish List, you must click on 'edit', then it will bring up a page where you can select 'share' your Wish List.  Once you have enabled sharing, save your list and exit that screen.  You can then click on 'Share'.  This is an especially great Gift Registry option for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and Christmas.

3)  How long have you been in business?

A)  Celestial Creations Enchanted Gifts of New Mexico opened its doors in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico on 9/1/2006; and I created a website early in 2007.  However, we didn't launch our new online store until October 2010!  The doors of the ratail shop closed on 12/24/2012 but our online shop continues on from T or C (as we locals call the small hot springs town near Elephant Butte Lake, NM).  We have narrowed our total inventory to what we consider the best of the southwest, especially items not available online anywhwere else.  If you see something at either or pictured at our original website (see #4 below) that you are interested in, once again, please email or call to see if we have it or can have it made for you.  We currently operate our Best of New Mexico Online website under Southwestern Services, LLC.

4)  Why does website change from to when I click 'shop online' or the other way when I'm shopping and I click on 'About Celestial Creations'?

Since I already had my original website, I didn't want to give that up when I went with Big Commerce for my shopping cart.  I also didn't want a 'mybigcommerce' site.  I already owned the domain name, so I decided to use that as my shopping cart.

5)  Is this website secure for ordering?

A)  Very secure!  When you get ready to check out (pay), you are taken to your choice of Securenet or PayPal's secure site for that info.  We are unable to see or keep any credit card info you use through either Securenet or PayPal, so your info is secured through those well-known credit card processors.  We never have access to your credit card number!

6)  Do you share my info?

A)  Never.  Not with anyone.  Ever.

7)  How do I write a review for a particular product?

Click on the photo of the item.  Just above the description is a link to 'Reviews'.  Click on that and on the right will be a link to 'Add a Review'.

8)  I keep trying to buy a product, but it constantly says 'out of stock'.  How can I get this item?

Other than our specialty foods, many items are individually crafted.  Sometimes I get items in that are similar (e.g. money clips, key rings, crosses etc.) but just haven't had time to get them ONLINE, as I am busy with my other love--officiating ceremonies (legal weddings, vow renewals, commitment ceremonies, baby blessings, house cleansings etc.).  We are truly an American small business, run by 2 people (and sometimes with a little help from a friend).  I suggest you email or call me to discuss whether I have something similiar in stock or can have the artisan make it.   575-740-3889 or

9)  What is the best way to contact you?

I am always happy to speak with you by phone during regular business hours, time permitting:  575-894-7591 or 575-740-3889.  But an email with details of what you are looking for is even better! is an email address I check several times a day unless I am away from my computer (rarely but enjoyed).  : )

10)  When do I put in my coupon codes?

You will have a chance to put in a coupon code AFTER you have input your name and shipping info, but BEFORE you have to put in your credit card info.  Below the totals on the right is a place to type in your coupon code.  Once you have done that, click 'enter' and that will be applied.  Sorry, but our system is not set up to accept more than one coupon per order.

11)  Where are you located?

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA 87901.  Unlike some online shopping carts who simply have the manufacturer drop ship everything and have no true physical location, we operate out of our own stockroom where we keep certain items on-hand and custom order others from our hand-selected vendors (crafters, artisans etc.), some of whom don't even own a computer!

12)  What if I notice a mistake on your site or there's a problem?

I wish things were always perfect, but in the real world, they just aren't.  But we're always working to improve.  If you find something that just doesn't seem right, please let us know!  We pride ourselves on our superior service at a fair price to all.  575-740-3889, 575-894-7591.

13)  What is your phone # and email address?

We have two phone #s:  575-894-7591 and 575-740-3889. or  We do not have a retail location but our stock is physically held in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA.