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  • 6" Hoop American Indian-made Dreamcatcher with hand-flinted Obsidian Arrowhead.
  • 3" Hoop American Indian-made Dreamcatcher from the Bear Clan of the Navajo
  • Authentic Navajo Native American-made Dreamcatcher on 3" Hoop, Bear Clan near Grants, NM
  • 8" Hoop Dreamcatcher with rabbit fur, hand-crafted by the Wind Walker.  Comes with legend of the Dream Catcher hand-written by Glenn L, the Wind Walker.
  • Close-up of the arrowhead hand-flinted by J.P. Morgan (yes, really) of the Bear Clan of the Navajo Tribe near Casamero Lake, New Mexico.
  • Authentic Navajo Dream Catcher with Obsidian Arrowhead (hand-flinted)
  • Genuine Native American made Dream Catcher with blue beads on 3-inch hoop
  • Petroglyph-style rock with small feathers laying over feathers in the center, embellished with rabbit fur.  6-inch hoop but hangs about 17" with top leather loop and bottom feathers.  Handcrafted by Wind Walker, a modern-day nomad of the southwest (full time RV'er who spends most of his time in NM, CO and AZ).
  • The legend of the Dream Catcher which comes with the Native American Indian Dream Catchers.
  • Natural grey deerhide Native American made Dream Catcher with blue, white and orange beads on 4-inch hoop.  Handcrafted at Casa Merolake, New Mexico by the Bear Clan of the Navajo.
  • 12-inch Authentic Native American Indian crafted Dream Catcher
  • The Legend of the Dream Catcher hand-written by Wind Walker, attached to his embellished handcrafted dreamcatcher

Genuine Native American Dream Catchers Made in New Mexico

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      These Dream Catchers were all made in New Mexico and are genuine Native American Indian-made from the Bear Clan of the Navajo Tribe near Casa Mero Lake. 

     One Navajo family from the Bear Clan, in particular, consisting of father J.P. Morgan (yes, really), mother Jacqueline Phillips and daughters Elyssa, Eugenia and Marinda put their efforts together to handcraft each one from scratch.  Mr. Morgan hunts the deer, skins it (and of course they eat the meat and make use of all of the animal, after giving thanks for providing for their family), tans the hide etc.  The girls hand-wrap the hide around the hoop, weave the web with sinew and add the feathers, beads, stones etc.  Then Mom loads up the car and drives the state, selling their goods.  I have been purchasing directly from Jacqueline since about 2008 and have met everyone in the family.  You won't find a more authentic Native American Indian dreamcatcher anywhere!  Each comes with two cards:  The Legend of the Dream Catcher as well as an info card on who and where it was crafted. 

     "The Legend of the Dream Catcher:  A Dream Catcher is hung over the head of your bed to insure sweet dreams. A gift from the spider, the web traps confused and bad dreams, while the good dreams, knowing the path to the center, pass through the hole and slide down the feather gently into the mind of the dreamer. The beads symbolize the bad dreams that get caught by the light of day. This dream catcher is a genuine hand-crafted Native American made dreamcatcher, found at"

Info card:  "Dreamcatcher, Handcrafted by full-blood Native Americans Elyssa, Eugenia and Marinda, daughters of JP Morgan & Jacqueline Phillips of the Bear Clan of the Navajo, Casa Mero Lake near Grants, NM. Sold online at Best of New Mexico Online (, Southwestern Services, LLC, Truth or Consequences, NM, USA, Planet Earth. 575-740-3889"


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