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Celeste says, "Food, food, food!  I love good food!  But I don't always have the time to fix something from scratch, so it's nice to be able to spice things up quick and easy sometimes.  When I use the term 'gourmet foods', I am referring to items that have all natural ingredients, organic ingredients or are unusual foods you can't find just anywhere.  I myself prefer to buy foods that don't contain MSG or artificial flavors or colors.  Most of our food items fall into that category (NONE of them contain MSG!), and 95%+ are crafted in small batches right here in New Mexico.  I've personally tried almost all of them, and have made up some recipes using some of the foods I sell at Celestial Creations."

Here are some of the companies/products you can find at Celestial Creations:

A & J Family Farms crafts their prickly pear cactus and honey mesquite jellies and syrups in small batches using NO water!  Don't be fooled by other companies' prickly pear cactus syrups, where the first ingredient is water!  Plus, they use only all natural ingredients--NO artificial coloring or preservatives.  Try a Prickly Pear Cactus Margarita or Prickly Pear Cactus Mai Tai for an adult taste treat, or make Prickly Pear Cactus Limeade with Simply Limeade for everyone to enjoy.  A & J also makes prickly pear cactus jelly with pineapple or chile, and mesquite jelly with ginger for a  very unique taste sensation.

We have a large variety of other jams and jellies for you to choose from, both with and without chili.  I'm a big lover of peanut butter, and one of my favorites snacks is an english muffin or waffle spread with all natural peanut butter and Santa Fe Seasons Habanero Chile Jelly--so yummy!

We generally have in stock Jalapeno Jelly, Straw'banero Jam (strawberry and habanero), Cherry Chipotle Jam with Attitude, Habanero Peach, Jalapeno Blueberry, Jalapeno Raspberry, and Red Chile Mango Jam.

When honey is processed (sterilized) it loses most of its beneficial properties.  We carry Desert Farms Southwest Raw Honey from bees who live right here in southwest New Mexico.

We have a couple of unique chutneys--both made in Las Cruces, NM.  Fiesta Chutney reminds me of the chow-chow my grandmother used to make in Texas when I was a kid.  Great with pinto beans and cornbread!  Fruchile is a mango chutney that comes in Original or Hot (both contain green chile). 

Salsa!  We go beyond the ordinary salsa, offering about a dozen different salsas and green chile at any given time.  Included in our usual inventory is the Native American Pueblo Indian Summer Salsa (with summer squash that you don't taste); Desert Gardens brand (Peach Salsa, Traditional Medium Salsa, Five Chile Salsa, and Roasted Garlic & Olive Salsa); Jilli Pepper Red Chile Pineapple Salsa (medium hot) and Green Chile Salsa (medium); Cibolo Junction Tomatillo & Habanero Salsa (both medium and hot); Hell Hath No Fury Habanero Salsa (oh yeah it's hot!); Cannon's Just Plain Green Chile (flame-roasted, both mild and hot); and Cannon's Sweet Hots in a variety of mild or hot, red or green.

We mustn't leave out our barbecue and hot sauces!  Santa Fe Seasons Green Chile Hot Sauce is very unusual, and American Indian Pueblo Food Specialties makes Two Flaming Arrows Hot Sauce for brave people (it's right on the label! : )  We carry BBQ sauces from two different companies (I've tried many and think these are the best of the best.)  For a mild heat, try Holy Chipotle brand Honey Chipotle Barbecue Sauce or Raspberry Chipotle Sauce on salmon, chicken or pork.  Choose your heat level, with a traditional style BBQ sauce that's not too vinegary, with Fiesta Mild Green Chile Bar-b-que sauce, Medium Red Chile Bar-b-que Sauce, or Extra Hot Green Chile Habanero Bar-b-que Sauce.  I love to marinate a rib-eye overnight in any of these before grilling over open flame!  And I can't forget Santa Fe Season Red Chile Rub, a spicy dry rub for beef, chicken or pork.

Those aren't the only condiments we have, either.  Shake your seasoning!  We sell Desert Gardens Green Chile Seasoning, Chipotle Seasoning, as well as their two NO SALT seasonings:  Jalapeno Seasoning and Habanero Seasoning.  Or try Jilli Pepper Every Day Hot Fiesta Pepper.

'Wet' condiments include Desert Farms Jalapeno Mustard and Jalapeno Catsup, which makes a great shrimp cocktail sauce straight out of the bottle!  Not for the faint of heart (or taste buds, as the case may be), Hell Hath No Fury Ketchup will spice up any hot dog or hamburger.  And for dipping pretzels, shrimp, or just to spice up a sandwich with a sweet-hot flavor, there's Nun Dun Better Gourmet Chile Mustard Sauce & Dip.  Being into that whole 'sweet/hot' thing, this is one of my personal faves.

Well, I've only touched on a small portion of the gourmet food options here at Celestial Creations.  You can buy dip mixes, soup mixes, beer bread mixes, fry bread mix (sopapilla), and chilli pickles.  You can shop for pecans, pistachios, chocolates, candies, chile chocolates, chili pistachios, chocolate chile pecans--well, you get the idea!  If you can't make it into our shop and don't see it in our online store, drop us an email.  The most recent food item I got in on request is the Del Mayab Authentic Mayan spice--La Perla ground annatto seed and achiote paste, of which the primary ingredient is annatto.