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  • This photo shows turquoise, tiger's eye and malachite skull pendants.  Handcarved in Truth or Consequences, NM, USA.
  • Malachite handcarved in New Mexico USA into the likeness of a human skull.
  • Malachite side view of skull penant hand wire-wrapped with copper.
  • A single chunk of turquoise hand carved in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA into the shape of a human skull.  Hand wire-wrapped with sterling silver.
  • Clear quartz crystal skull, with sterling silver wire-wrap.
  • Two small Lapis stone skulls with a skull carved on EACH side of the stone!
  • Deep blue Lapis Lazuli hand-carved stone skull. Made in America.
  • Denim Lapis skull hand-carved in the USA.
  • Denim lapis skull carved on two sides of the stone right here in Truth or Consequences, NM, USA
  • Malachite handcarved skull for Day of the Dead
  • Image 11
  • Side view of hand-carved malachite skull
  • Image 13
  • Tigers Eye skull with Sterling Silver hand-wire-wrap
  • Image 15
  • Back of hand-carved Tiger's Eye skull
  • Back of handcarved malachite skull
  • Front of hand-carved tiger's eye skull
  • Handcarved Tiger's Eye Skull for Dia de los Dias

Hand-carved Skull Pendants Made in USA

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Dia de Los Muertos is almost here!  Stone pendants in the shape of the human skull have long held a great deal of symbolism for many.  These human-shaped stone skull pendants are hand carved by Bradley F. of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA.  You can tell the difference between hand-carved and machine carved; machine-carved all look exactly the same!  Each of these skulls will have minor variations in the shape of the eye or nose holes, the teeth and jaw line etc.  Each one of the larger skulls has been drilled and wire hand-wrapped to make it ready to hang on your metal chain, leather strip, cord or ribbon.  Use as a necklace or hang from your rear view mirror. They measure about 1 to 1.25 inches in height, about 5/8" wide, and about 7/8" in depth, not counting the wire-wrap.  Some are wrapped in copper, some in sterling silver; each is a unique one of a kind work of primitive art.  Great gifts for those who appreciate Day of the Dead, Halloween or Samhein.

Scroll through all the photos across the bottom to see more views.  Update as of 10/24/15:  I have one deep Lapis Lazuli (seems to be mostly pure Lazurite) skull and one Denim Lapis skull.  Each are two-sided, locally hand-carved in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA by B. F., a private man who really prefers keeping to himself rather than socializing with people he doesn't know well.  It took me close to a dozen meetings to look at and make offers on some of his unusual stone carvings before he seemed to loosen up at all, but I'll admit it wasn't a necessarily easy experience.  He just loves to work with stone!  As you might be aware, each type of stone has its own unique characteristics and properties, both physical and metaphysical.

By carefully examining the photos, you can easily see they are truly and completely hand-carved--not machne-carved.  Each side has its own unique cuts, eyes, nose, teeth in the skull.  Since many people who are into Halloween, skulls, Seimhein, Day of the Dead--whatever you want to call October 31st of each year--prefer to wear just one earring or might want to wear it as a pendant instead of an earring at all, or even perhaps attach it to a bracelet as a charm--I am selling each of these individually, althought they are close enough in size and medium to be worn as a pair of earrings.  The Denim Lapis has more brown striations and is a slightly lighter blue from having more Sodalite mixed in with the other types of rock that make up lapis lazuli.  I assure you he exists and I may not ever be able to get any more merchandise from him, so grab one now!  I also have a very few larger skulls handcarved by him in stones such as Tiger's Eye, Malachite and Denim Lapis (primarily Sodalite).  These two small skulls each measure about 3/4" x 3/4" NOT COUNTING ANY JEWELRY FINDING.  Both are attached to rings with fish-hook earring loops.  You can easily detach the rings from that if you want to wear it as a pendant on a chain/hemp rope or on a charm bracelet.  The deep Lapis Lazuli comes strung on blue hemp twine, ready to wear as a pendant.  The Denim Lapis has no twine. 

Most are hand wire-wrapped with sterling silver; the malachite has copper wire wrapping.

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