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  • Spirit Turtle or Healing Turtle, glazed, painted with feather
  • Spirit Turtle or Healing Turtle, opposite side
  • Turtle with Tiger's Eye Stones
  • Turtle, hand-painted with moonstones
  • Example of bottom of turtle with signature.
  • Snowflake obsidian on hand-painted turtle (curlicues)
  • Snowflake obsidian on hand-painted turtle
  • Snowflake obsidian on hand-painted turtle, opposite side.
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Hand-crafted One of a Kind Ceramic Turtles on Stone

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Product Description

These miniature turtles from Whispering Prairies Ceremics of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, USA, are individually crafted, making each a one of a kind treasure.  Each is hand-poured into a mold, hand-fired, hand-painted or glazed and hand-decorated.  Some are painted, some are glazed, some come with stones glued one by one to the turtle's back, some have feathers added...

These turtles are crafted when ordered, so please allow up to 3 weeks for shipping!  Each one may vary slightly from the photo shown, as each is hand-painted to your custom order.

Each is placed on a stone for added durability and decorative value.  Most are also signed by the artisan on the bottom of the stone base.  Each comes with an artisan bio (see bottom of this descriptive box), as well as a sheet with this explanation on it, with the title line "The Turtle": 

"The Turtle is the oldest symbol of Mother Earth and longevity. The turtle has always been esteemed in that it carries its home on its back and goes with the flow of the river, not against it. In some mythologies, the first North American envisioned the continent as a turtle because it was surrounded by water. The Turtle reminds us to respect Mother Earth."

If you would like a different stone than tiger's eye, such as turquoise, onyx or amethyst, please include that info in notes, and we will get back to you promptly with availability.

Artisan Mary Miller of Whispering Prairies Ceramics' grandfather also worked as a potter, so this work runs in the family.

Each turtle measures approximately 2.75" long by 1.75" wide, not including the stone it sits on, which vary in length.  

Please allow up to three weeks for delivery of ALL Whispering Prairies Ceramics by Mary Miller, as each one is custom-made.  

Included with each Whispering Prairies turtle is this info: 

Whispering Prairies Ceramics is the name ceramicist Mary Miller has used for her hand-crafted ceramics for over two decades now.  Self-taught, with a minor bit of American Indian blood from her father’s side, she has always been drawn to southwestern Native Americans designs and patterns.  From her home studio in Palomas Creek, she hand-pours, glazes and fires each piece of Southwestern-style home décor herself, then hand-paints and often embellishes it with bits of stone or feather.  Generally, she also signs each one of a kind ceramic art with “Mary Miller   Truth or Consequences NM”.  Available online only at  575-894-7591




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