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Kachina - Genuine Native American-made Kachina

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Product Description

Kachina dolls are becoming a very popular way to collect a small piece of Native American Indian made culture.  The Hopi hand-carved Kachina to represent these powerful spirits who still hold great significance in their culture.  Although to the Navajo these hand-crafted dolls hold no spiritual significance, they still bring their skill, craft and imagination to each one of the Kachinas they create.  Each one of these Kachinas is signed by the artisan on the bottom and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity stating it is a genuine Native American-made item with the artisan's tribe and name.  The tags are as attached to them at purchase.

These make great gifts for the person interested in southwestern art, craft, lore, and/or rituals.

These handcrafted dolls are carefully wrapped and packed and shipped with insurance.

Hand chosen by Celeste and purchased directly from a Navajo family representative of the artisans.

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