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  • Grouping of some of the black and white Treasure Chest Mimbres and Cliffdweller mugs
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  • Some of the mug patterns available.
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Mesa Verde, Mimbres, and Cliff Dweller Black and White Mugs

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Product Description


These are large black and white 'stoneware' type coffee mugs with southwestern Native American-influenced patterns taken from the Cliff Dweller, Kokopelli and Mimbres American Indian tribes' designs and carvings.  The best way to view all the mug designs is to click on the left side of the small row of photos and scroll through them. Most of the patterns are non-repeating; e.g. the goat mug has several different goats around the entire mug, the gecko has different "bugs" along with the southwestern lizard, same with the quails etc.  Very unusual!

The Cliff-dweller mugs feature black and white geometric patterns inspired by the cliff dwelling Native Americans of old.  The Mimbres mugs feature various animals in the style of Native American fetish (good luck) creatures, also in black and white designs.

These are a great size with nice big handles.  They hold well over 1 cup with a bit of room at the top so they won't easily slosh out (plus the curved design helps with that anyway).  Because of their excellent packaging, they also make great gifts for any occasion.  Each comes in its own box with a cut-out window so you can see some of the pattern on the mug; the box has either the Cliff Dweller (geometric patterns) or Mimbres & Kokopelli (animals and fetishes) story on it.  (See below.)

Here is the story on each of the two boxes:

Cliff Dweller Mug (Story on box):

"800 years ago the Cliff Dwellers of the Mesa Verde Region of the American Southwest made pottery mugs of unique shape and design. This stoneware mug is a faithful recreation of the original Cliff Dwellers' design."

Mimbres & Kokopelli Mug (Story on box):

"A thousand years ago the people living in the Mimbres Valley in what is now southwestern New Mexico decorated the inside of their pottery bowls with pictures of virtually every animal they observed - rabbits, mountain goats, bears, insects, birds, and fish, as well as humans. The designs on this mug recreate those of the ancient Mimbrenos.

Kokopelli, the hump-backed flute player, has been the subject of the Southwestern peoples' rock art and pottery for hundreds and even thousands of years. A much loved symbol of fertility, Kokopelli sometimes appears with his mate, Kokopelli-mana."

Side note:  Their are no longer any mugs that have the Kokopelli image on them. 

These mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe.

If your choice shows as out of stock, please email or call to find out when we'll be getting more in.  The Treasure Chest, located in Fairaces, New Mexico (near Las Cruces), is a woman-owned company whose only business for over 20 years is the wholesaling of these mugs with her exclusive licensed patterns based on actual Native American Indian designs.  They have no website and do not retail directly to the end consumer.  We make the hour drive down there in order to be able to personally choose how many of which designs we want to purchase, rather than having them shipped in equal increments (not all of which sell equally, of course... : ).

IMPORTANT DISLAIMER ABOUT THE 'BIRD & FISH' OR THE 'MAN & BEAR' MUGS!  These are not the same near-pure-white as the other mugs; they are more of an ivory off-white.  If you're looking for a perfect color match in your mug order, do not order these with the other mugs.  They were made in Hong Kong and not by the same manufacturer as the other mugs, so it is out of our hands.  Thank you for your understanding. 

Collect all of the Mimbres and Kokopelli and Mesa Verde Black on White Mugs!  We have customers who order a couple of these every so often to add to their collection or to give as gifts for those hard to buy for folks who appreciate southwestern Native American design.

Designed in the USA; inspired by Native American fetishes, pottery, cave art and rock art.  Full Disclosure:  These all used to be made in the USA, but due to rising costs of manufacturing, the owner of The Treasure Chest now orders from China.  Due to the extreme popularity of the mugs over the 10 years I've been selling them, the fact that the company is a woman-owned small business based in New Mexico, and the fact that I have a lot of folks who are still collecting them over time (they are consistently my best-selling item!), I decided long ago to continue to carry them.  Plus, they ARE china, right?  : ]   We will NOT remove any "Made in China" or "Made in Hong Kong" stickers on the china ceramic mugs, unless the shipping address is different than the billing address AND you specifically ask us to remove the stickers in the "notes" section when ordering.

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  1. Love them! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Jul 2016

    I bought 4 mugs (antelope, quail, frog & goat) and I am totally thrilled with them. The weight and feel of each mug is exactly what I was looking for. The mugs were well packaged and shipping was incredibly fast. This vendor responded to my questions the same day and was considerate and professional. Top marks! I would do business with them again.

  2. Mugs to make you happy even when empty 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th May 2015

    I bought six of the series of mugs, three with the Mesa Verde inspired geometric designs, and three of the animal designs. They're wonderful mugs to behold and to use. Functionally, they are among the few mugs you can find with a low profile, wide bottom, and narrower top. What this means is that they are incredibly stable and far less likely to slosh/spill than most mugs--especially those that are wider at the top. These mugs keep a hot drink hotter/warmer longer since the surface area is smaller compared to a regular mug. They hold 10 ounces comfortably. The handle is comfortable: wide and deep. So, A+ for functional design. A+ for beauty and liveliness, too. Even after the coffee's gone, they can bring a smile. On a customer service note, Best of New Mexico was wonderful. They answer questions in a useful and straightforward manner, they packed the mugs incredibly carefully, and they arrived very quickly. A+ for them, too.

  3. Mesa Verde mug 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Nov 2014

    I love the Mesa Verde mugs; so beautifully designed in the same manner of the ancient ones. The feel in your hand is so comfortable and I love having my morning coffee from it.

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