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  • Just some of the genuine Native American-made earrings we carry.
  • Abalone Trapzoid earrings handcrafted by Native American Indians
  • Lapis earrings hand-crafted by Native American Indians
  • Native American handcrafted lapis earrings
  • Native American made earrings with red jasper, howlite, turquoise, jet and melon agate.

Native American Earrings from Santo Domingo Pueblo

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These earrings are all hand-crafted by Aaron Calabaza and Victoria Lucero, who were born and still reside in the Santo Domingo Pueblo near Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.  So they are truly "made in America".  No two pairs are exactly alike.  Stones / materials used include Sugelite, Howlite, Turquoise, Abalone / Mother of Pearl, cultured Freshwater Pearsl, Moonstones, Lapis Lazuli, Denim Lapis, Yellow Jasper, Gaspeite, Apricot and other Agates, Hematite, Onyx, Red Jasper, Flourite, Jet, Sodalite, Magnesite and more.  Both the Calabaza and Lucero Pueblo families have been involved in the jewelry design /crafting trades for generations.  Lightweight and just the right length, you will enjoy wearing these for years to come.  Plus, they make excellent genuine Southwestern made in USA gifts, handcrafted by Native American "Indian" indigenous first peoples.  We buy directly from the artisans, who periodically drive down Hy 25 from the Pueblo, making stops in at hand-picked retailers along the way until they reach Las Cruces.  We are one hour north of Las Cruces ("the crosses") in the hot springs town of Truth or Consequences, NM along the Rio Grande.  All stone names are based on info provided by Victoria Lucero at purchase.  Differences in price are determined not only by the various materials used, but by the difficulty and time required to cut and piece together the various stones making up the earrings.

Each pair of earrings comes with an artisan info card that reads: 

This piece was hand-made Aaron Calabaza and Victoria Lucero, who were born and raised at the Santo Domingo Pueblo near Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Both their parents were/are jewelry artisans, too.  I have been marketing this couple's jewelry and paying them directly since 2006. 

With the permission and blessing of the artisans, I am proud to say that this jewelry is "Native American crafted:  This jewelry piece was hand-crafted by Aaron Calabaza and Victoria Lucero, full blood American Indians from Santo Domingo Pueblo, New Mexico.  Found at Best of New Mexico Online ( located in the hot springs town of Truth or Consequences."  Enjoy!

Here is a site with more info about the various stones used by Native American indigenous people in their jewelry making:

And here is a stie where you can find out more about individual types of stones:

Why are we different?  First, these are actually made in New Mexico (NOT China!) by Santo Domingo Pueblo born Native American "Indians" (that's what they call themselves to me) and purchased personally by me directly from the artisans.  So, no middle man!  I KNOW exactly where they were made as I purchased directly from the artisans.  Also, no outrageous mark-up for 5-20 times my purchase price!  Since most of the cost of the earrings comes in the form of the time and expertise of Aaron cutting and piecing together the stones and Victoria coming up with the designs and traveling down the state to sell them, there is not the kind of cost entailed in jewelry that uses a lot of copper or silver.  Simply the stones and the findings make for nice earrings you can wear all the time!

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