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  • Shows front, back and end of box of all natural Native American-made greenthread Navajo Tea
  • Navajo Tea in either 100% greenthread or a mix of Green Tea and Greenthread. All natural, very satisfying taste and perhaps some healing properties too!

Navajo Tea Greenthread genuine Native American made product

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This Native American made 'specialty food' is made from all natural greenthread, which grows in New Mexico and throughout the southwestern United States.  Yanabah Navajo Tea is very soothing and caffeine-free.  It has been used for centuries by the American Indians as a medicinal herb.  "Yearly, from March to June, new growth appears along canyon roads near Gallup, New Mexico with tiny yellow buds. At harvest, the Navajo pray to the Gods asking harmony and balance to the earth. The tea has many nutritional benefits, such as soothing sore throats or pampering stomach woes. Known to calm nerves, the sweet and aromatic herb holds flavonoids that prevent inflammation and purify the blood."  [Quoted from:]  This genuine Native American Indian herbal tea has a very pleasant flavor that is good either hot or in sun tea.  Delicious plain or with raw honey!  This is Celeste's very favorite tea, and she enjoys it several times a week year-round.

Each box contains 20 tea bags.

From the end of either box, you'll read this: 

“Growing up on the Navajo Reservation, I was never far from the influence and example of my grandmother, Yanabah. Though she had little, there was always enough to share with others. The soothing taste of Navajo tea returns me to memories of my grandmother and the love and wisdom that she patiently wove into my life and those who came within her circle of caring. From my culture to yours…enjoy.

—Yellow Bird (Navajo)”

On the back of the Traditional 100% Natural Caffeine Free (greenthread) Herbal Tea box, you find this:


Yanabah's Traditional Navajo Tea is made from the herb known as Greenthread and has been used for centuries by the inhabitants of the Four Corners Region of the U.S.  Known for its health benefits and flavor, Navajo Tea is a mild herbal drink that is still popular today.  Taste a flavor steeped in the history of our native land.


Now offering their mix of greenthread and green tea!  This blend has the best of the healing properties of both teas! 

From the box: 


East meets West!  Combining Green Tea from the mountainous Hunan region of China and blending it with our Traditional Navajo Tea made from the herb Greenthread, a plant used for centuries by the Navajo, provides a drink that is health, soothing and without the bitter taste. Whether you are greeting the sun as it rises in the East or thanking the Great Spirit as the sun sets in the West Yanabah’s Navajo and Green Tea mixture will be wonderfully energizing to your senses.




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