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Pueblo Indian Native American Sea Shells with Turquoise Inlay and More

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These sea shells were inlaid by hand by David Lucero, who was born and raised at the Santo Domingo Pueblo near Santa Fe, New Mexico.  His parents were jewelry artisans, too.  I have been marketing this artisan's jewelry (by way of his daughter Victoria Lucero, also a full-blood Pueblo Indian from the line of Lucero jewelry-makers, whom I've done business with in buying her and her husband Aaron Calabaza's jewelry since 2007) and paying them directly since 2012. 

I've been told that these inlaid sea shells once were only used in tribal rituals and the Pueblo people were not allowed to sell them.  In recent years, the ancestral leaders have allowed them to be sold to outsiders.  Each should be viewed as a work of art embued with the energy of the artisan who crafted it--meant to be worn or used with respect in rituals that honor these "First Peoples" of the USA.  The different types of stones, abalone, and mother of pearl are hand-cut and inlaid onto the outer surface of the sea shell.  Turquoise is almost always a part of these pendants, along with both black and white Onyx, Yellow Jasper, Coral, Spiny Oyster, Abalone and Mother of Pearl.  They look great around a neck or hanging on the wall or from the ceiling.  The photos contain descriptions of the stones in each piece. 

The largest shell is approximately 5" long x 5.5" wide; the medium is about 3.5" x 3.5" and the small one is 2" x 2".  Any will be a treasure to pass down to future generations.

Of all the "Pueblo Indians", the peoples of Santo Domingo (near Santa Fe) are believed to have the longest history of jewelry-making.  For many generations, there have been certain families that tend to involve most of the family members in the business of jewelry making and marketing, with some who are blessed with the gift of design, others who are good with stone-cutting or polishing and/or the inlay work, while other family members play their part by taking the goods around and selling these handcrafted or handmade pieces.  Both the Lucero and Calabaza families have been involved in jewelry making for generations.

With the permission and blessing of the artisans, each of these pieces come with a card reading "Native American crafted:  This jewelry piece was crafted by Aaron Calabaza and Victoria Lucero, full blood American Indians from Santo Domingo Pueblo, New Mexico.  Found at CELESTIAL CREATIONS Enchanted Gifts of New Mexico Truth or Consequences."  Enjoy!


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