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  • Bracelet 1:  A chunk of amber centers it.
  • Bracelet 1:  Amber bracelet surrounded by turquoise and other stones and abalone.
  • Bracelet 2:  An interesting chunk of abalone is surrounded by tuquoise, amber, onyx, garnet, carnelian, pearl and possibly other genuine gemstones.
  • Bracelet 3:  Natural Tiger's Eye is surrounded by turquoise, pearls, abalone, onyx, garnet etc in this "Treasure Chest" bracelet
  • Bracelet 3:  A different angle on the Tiger's Eye stone more or less in the center of the bracelet.

Pueblo Indian Native American Turquoise "Treasure Chest" Bracelets

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These bracelets were hand-made Aaron Calabaza and Victoria Lucero, who were born and raised at the Santo Domingo Pueblo near Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Both their parents were/are jewelry artisans, too.  I have been marketing this couple's jewelry and paying them directly since 2006. 

These pieces are what Victoria (and most Pueblo Indian jewelry artisans) call "Treasure Chest" bracelets, as they are made up of many different types of stones, abalone, pearl, and even occasionially Swarovski crystals.  Turquoise is almost always a part of these bracelets.  Most of the photos contain descriptions of the stones in each piece.


With the permission and blessing of the artisans, each of these pieces come with a card reading "Native American crafted:  This jewelry piece was crafted by Aaron Calabaza and Victoria Lucero, full blood American Indians from Santo Domingo Pueblo, New Mexico.  Found at CELESTIAL CREATIONS Enchanted Gifts of New Mexico Truth or Consequences."  Enjoy!

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